Family Reunions

There is nothing more rewarding than bringing the whole extended family together for some quality time spent together. Making sure that the cousins get to play with each other and aunts and uncles get to see each other’s kids grow up is important. Spending quality time with the grandparents is not only important…but necessary. Whose house is available for the reunion and who is going to have to do the dishes each night? 
At Winter Clove Inn you don’t have to worry about these questions…we’ll take care of it.

With three delicious meals served daily, the only thing you’ll have to decide is what you want to eat and how much. 

We have 50 comfortable rooms and can accommodate everyone’s specific needs and requirements. For those traveling with extended family, (5) public rooms are available to serve as focal points for meeting with friends and family.

Imagine taking a hike in the beautiful Catskill Mountains with your grandson or swimming with your daughter in the pool; playing shuffleboard or golfing with your brother or taking on your sister’s family in a lively bowling tournament. These are just some of the activities that we offer so that you have a family reunion that everyone will remember. The beautiful location of the resort only adds to that special experience.