Activities - Winter Clove Inn
On Site
Outdoor Pool - In the summer, our outdoor pool is a wonderful place to stay cool and get a tan. outdoor pool
indoor pool Heated Indoor Pool - In our Solarium is a heated indoor pool that can be enjoyed year-round by the whole family.
The Waterfall - What a truly magical waterfall! Just one of the many wonders of Winter Clove Inn. waterfall
tennis court Tennis Court - Bring your tennis rackets and enjoy a game with a friend or another guest. A good volley is a great way to spend part of the afternoon! With our overhead lights, a lively game of tennis is possible even at night time.
Kids Playground - The children always seem to find our playground with swings and slides and things to crawl under and over!
basketball Basketball Court - Bring your jump shot with you when you come to visit so you can play a little basketball with your friends and family.
Antique Bowling Alley - When is the last time you bowled at an antique bowling alley? That’s the point! Enjoy bowling in our Carriage House for a small fee and it will be one of those memorable times that everyone will look back at with a chuckle.
9-Hole Executive Golf Course - Walking from the Inn to the Golf Course, you’ll be surrounded by the mountainous landscape. As you step onto the greens, take a minute to enjoy the amazing views of the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson Valley. We hope you enjoy the course as much as we do…
Hiking Trails - As you follow the signs along our hiking trails, take a deep breath of pine-scented air and listen for the Winter Clove Creek and Waterfall rolling through the forest. You’ll witness forest animals foraging and frolicking among the peace and tranquility of one of the oldest forests in America.
hiking trail
Shuffleboard Court - One of the oldest American family pastimes, shuffleboard has been an upstate New York and Catskills family resort staple. Literally thousands of hours have been spent by family and friends laughing over a competitive, yet friendly, game of shuffleboard.
Cross-Country Skiing - In the winter, we have cross-country skis that we offer to our guests. With 15K of trails to ski, a stay with us will never be boring. Afterwards, you can relax by the Inn’s warm fire, content that you have exercised in one of the most beautiful areas of the Northern Catskills in Upstate New York.
What Our Guests Say About Us
"It is so reasonably priced, so pleasant, so much fun with hiking, indoor pool, bowling and golf you really can't imagine a better place to go whether for two or 22!"
Kelly H.