Inn and Grounds

Staying at Winter Clove Inn in the Catskills, you get a sense of the past and its place in history as the vacation area of Upstate New York. The layout of the Inn hearkens back to when people would vacation in the Catskills to escape the summer heat. Inside the Inn, as you walk up to the first floor and walk along its corridors, one can imagine what it was like 150 years ago. As you can imagine, a three-story wooden building with 50 rooms built in the 19th C. has a lot of stories to tell…perhaps you will hear them with just the right, correctly-placed footstep.

The grounds and surrounding area are from a world removed from the city and urban landscapes. Driving up the long driveway to the Inn, you are greeted with lush gardens amidst the green backdrop of the Catskill Mountains. From the Inn’s large porch and front lawn, guests enjoy the flowers and plants that are carefully maintained. The large expansive porch invites relaxation, with its scenic views to the Hudson River in the east, and conversation that comes easily when sitting in one of the many rocking chairs.