Our History

The Oldest Single Family-Owned Inn in the United States


The origins of “Winter Clove” began just after the Revolutionary War, when the name "Winter Clove" first appeared on the original map made of the Catskill Mountains. When the surveyors ran their lines through this clove, or mountain valley, they found the ice and snow of winter had not given way to spring as it had in the surrounding areas—thus, the name Winter Clove was born.


Then in the early 1800’s travel increased on the Hudson River as naturalists, sightseers, and visitors were attracted to the beauty and fresh air of the Catskill Mountains. In 1838 H.B. Whitcomb opened his farmhouse to summer guests, which was located on the Winter Clove grant of land. Many renovations and nearly 200 years and five generations later the Whitcomb Family stills owns and operates the resort making it the oldest single family owned hotel in the United States. Today, the Whitcomb’s continue to welcome guest who are attracted by the same principals of simplicity, family, relaxation and natural beauty that attracted the first visitors in the early 1800’s.